Blog Tour #2 Voice of the Fallen

Welcome to my second blog tour! Today my visit will be from, “Voice of the Fallen!” If you happen to be lurking through my blog and run into my blogroll, I suggest you take a look at, “Voice of the Fallen’s” blog as well! Once you click on that blog, technology will take over and magically bring you to, Voice of the Fallen.” A brand new blog page.
You know when you are on the right blog when you see an anime picture of a man and women. Before, I become too descriptive on the picture I would like to bring you further up on the blog.

Let us start with looking at the blue strip with the white text saying, “The Fallen Relationship.” On the right side of, The Fallen Relationship we see four separate little chains. If you happen to click on the first chain, it leaves you on the homepage. If you happen to click on the second chain, it brings you to another page. On the new page, you are on; you have the opportunity to contact the creator of the blog with your screen name and email address. Feel free to sit and have a moment to admire the picture of the husky being well behaved and loved. After you are finished admiring the husky you can go ahead and click on either the, ‘Home,’ button or the title, “Voice of the Fallen,” to bring you back to the homepage. After you have done that and let technology do its magic, we are back on the homepage, looking again at the chains on the upper right side of the page. If you continue to click on the chains, the process repeats itself.

Next, moving to the light pink stripe with the head of the blog and close by the title you see the ‘Home,’ button along with, ‘Contact,’ options, but it is more apparent compared to the mini-chains.

Now, we are back to the anime picture! The image could be described as a male and female who have a love for each other. The woman looks at him with emotion, and the guy looks down feeling her gaze. Nothing else matters at that moment other than what is happening between them. As the girl is looking at the man, you can see she has red and grey wings. I ask myself, does this entwine with the title of the blog? Does the name, ‘The Fallen Relationships,’ support the picture? These are questions I could ask the creator!
While these questions linger in our mind, with others you may have, we can move onto the types of posts this blogger shares!

From, my understanding, as I skim through, Voice of the Fallen‘s blog posts, I see he use this blog as a diary. The author shares personal stories along with feelings. He also makes connections from what he learns in the classroom with his own experiences or from what he has observed from his friends. It takes a brave soul to share personal feelings and experiences in the blogosphere, meaning the blogging community.

At last, we are unfortunately coming to the end of the blog tour. But, before we go, we need to know who is the artist behind, ‘Voice of the Fallen.”
In a similar way to our last blog tour from, FutureOfficerBahr‘s blog, to find out who the creator is we need to scroll all the way down to the second post ever shared, the famous, ‘About Me‘ post.

As a result, we discover the artist to, “Voice of the Fallen,” is named, Michael Reitz! Based on Reitz’ posts he has been through quite a bit and still chooses to better himself.

So, everyone, please follow his blog and show him some love! His work is worth the read.

That concludes our last blog tour! Thank you for your time!


Blog Tour #1 FutureOfficerBahr

Welcome to week four on my blog! As some of you may know my blog was started as part of my English class. Therefore in my weight loss journey is other assignments incorporated into the five weeks. One of the assignments consists of me touring two of my classmate’s blogs. This post will include one of my classmate’s blog called, “FutureOfficerBahr.”

As soon as you click onto FutureOfficerBahr’s blog, it brings you to the top of her page. The head of her page has an introduction picture in black and white with a stripe of blue. The image is the flag of the United States of America. In the middle of the image, she has a small circle picture of herself, the author of the blog. Under the image is the title of her blog, “FutureOfficerBahr.” An inch under her blog title consists of what her blog will tell, which is, Educational Topics. Under the introduction picture, she gives people two options, one being the ‘Home,’ button to bring you back to her main page. The other option she gives you is to contact her. When you click on the ‘contact’ button, it brings you to another page with a new picture being someone holding a black smartphone and on the left someone on a laptop. If you choose to contact her, it will be published as a comment, using your email and your screen name. After you finished with your comment to her you can click on her, ‘Home’ button to bring you back to her blog posts. Once you continue down, FutureOfficerBahr’s page it is completely blue now with white text color. On the right side of the blog shows you who you follow on your blog, not who she follows.

The past blogs I have looked at they give you a, ‘about’ about button on top of their pages to get to know the author is behind the wonderful blog. But, FutureOfficerBahrs page it is different. To find out who is FutureOfficerBahr, you need to scroll all the way down to her second blog post, “About Me.” You do this by continuing to click, ‘older posts.’ As soon as you see a picture of a happy baby you know, you are in the right post! So let us talk about who is the girl in the picture on top of this well informative blog.

To begin, FutureOfficerBahr is Hannah. Hannah just had a birthday and is now twenty years old. She is majoring in Criminal Justice. The next post after you read her, ‘About Me‘ continues describing who Hannah is, but with more focus on her goal. Since Hannah was three years old, she has always wanted to become a police officer. She doesn’t know what inspired her to become a police officer when she was three nor what made her hold onto that dream. But, Hannah does know why she wants to become a police officer, and she explains why “I suppose I liked the idea of helping people and putting more good into the world then there was when I got here.” (FutureOfficerBahr) Hannah’s passion for becoming a police officer for eighteen years has brought us to a blog with an educational purpose to show the world a different perspective of that profession, and what police offers have to go through.

If you choose to take a look at FutureOfficerBahrs blog, I highly encourage you to read, “An Unnecessary Harshness.” That post was one of my favorites. It changes my perspective on police authority; they have feelings too.

Thank you for reading my first blog tour from my classmate’s blog! The next one will be a great one as well!

Week three Reflection Weight Loss Journey

For those of you that are keeping up with my blog, I hope you guys are learning just as much as I am! This week’s blog posts have been more focused on exercise. Like I have mentioned I would love to incorporate exercises into my new healthy lifestyle. For those of you that don’t know, I am a massage therapist. My practice has a lot to do with strength and proper body mechanics to help prevent burnout. I have been practicing for over two years now, and I do feel the toll that it is taking on my body. I was looking more into exercises that have cardio, due to my experience with putting too much work on my arms and shoulders, they get too tired to be able to massage.

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and I tried to be more mindful on the foods that I was grabbing. After watching a little bit of a show on Netflix called, “What the Health,” I learned a few things. I learned milk doesn’t help build strong bones that it is just a myth. I watched, “Adam Ruins Everything,” about Nutrition on Netflix as well, and he too says the same thing. Milk is another sugary drink. Therefore, I am slowly trying to decrease my milk consumption. Going back to the show, “What the Health,” they talked about meats and all the steroids that they put into the animals we consume. A lot of what we eat tends to play a HUGE part of our well-being. If people are putting chemicals into the animals, we consume, then we are also being affected by those chemicals. With that being said, I am also trying to decrease my meat consumption. No, I am not going vegetarian, I want to eat cleaner. My groceries consisted more of fruits and vegetables, minimal pasta and meat, and dairy-free yogurt. I like snacks, so I also invested in Triscuit Rosemary and Olive Oil crackers. I remember learning somewhere olive oil helps fill you up faster and longer, which is my goal.

After these last three weeks, I see my body fluctuate. One moment I look great and the next not so great. After my note-taking this week, I would like to drill into my head what nutritionist Fontaine explains, “[y]ou may lose [weight] quickly in the beginning due to loss of water weight. After the first week, weight loss should slow down to approximately 1 pound per week. This will ensure your body isn’t restoring to its lean muscle to supply its calories. Losing lean muscle due to dieting is the main reason why weight returns so quickly.” (Fontaine) So, it’s important to make sure my body is using the right sources to supply calories instead of taking it from somewhere I need it.

I notice some days I eat less than others, based on how busy I get. I try to keep it consistent to keep my metabolism going, but I think it will help if I start to meal prep. So, I don’t have to think about what will I eat today or have time for.
I feel like the organization is a key in life, especially in my new healthy lifestyle!

“Body Fat And Exercise” Notes

Welcome to week three of my weight loss journey! This week is based off a lot from Fontaine’s blog, “Let’s Discuss Nutrition.” Before I begin, let me tell you a little bit on who is Fontaine. The Commission credits Freida P. Fontaine on Dietetic Registration as a Nutrition and Diabetic Technician, Registered (NDTR), with experience in nursing facilities and Nutrition Counselor.

The post I took notes from her blog is called, “Body Fat And Exercise.” In my weight loss journey, I would like to incorporate exercise. I remember the feeling of my endorphins being released after a great workout and I would want to do it again. I am taking notes from Fontaine’s post about how body fat an exercise happens. I do this to get more of an understanding of how everything entwines.

I always thought to lose weight exercising needs to happen. Then I remember being told you have to burn as many calories as you consumed. With both these statements, I never expanded the education behind them.

Now, reading Fontaine’s post the first thing she shares is, “If you start an exercise program you will lose fat. Not exactly.”(Fontaine) Her statement opened up a whole new perspective in my eyes! What does she mean by this? It seems everyone in the fitness and health world drill that in your head, “you need to exercise to lose weight.” As I continue to read Fontaine’s post, she explains, “[t]o lose body fat, you must create a daily calorie deficit.”(Fontaine) Then she expands on that statement explaining, “exercise will contribute to creating a calorie deficit but you must also eat fewer calories. This may sound counterintuitive, but exercise is better used to maintain weight loss rather than lose it. It’s not to say weight loss can’t occur through exercise; it will if you consume fewer calories on a daily basis. The problem occurs when the calories burned during exercise is quickly replaced.” So, to summarize, exercise could help lose weight, but if you are consuming more calories than what you burn in a workout, you’re not losing weight. You are just keeping it stable. My misunderstanding about exercise has been solved.

Another curiosity I have had is: when in the day should I be working out? When I had a personal trainer, we worked out every Monday at five than she would give me workouts to do on my own for the rest of the week. I always tried to complete them before work, to get them out of the way. Once I stopped meeting with my trainer, my workout routines were all over the place and the next thing I knew I stopped doing them altogether. Looking at Fontaine’s advice when to workout, “[i]t doesn’t matter what time of day you exercise, as long as you do it.” I think this is a valid point. I know from my experience when I missed my workout time I felt like it was too late to do it. So, I pushed it for tomorrow. The next thing you know, it has been weeks, and I still haven’t done it, and I am entirely off the exercise routine.

Another part I would like to note from what Fontaine says about when to workout is, “[Y]ou don’t have to load your activity into load your activity into one or two hours.” (Fontaine) Every time I started any exercise, my mindset was, “I need to do this whole workout right away.” I would be running late, so I could get my whole workout done. Having the new mindset, “if I don’t have time to finish my workout I can break it up and finish later, or I can break it up in half.” I would feel more at ease and be able to focus on what I am doing instead of focusing on racing the clock.

My biggest take away in Fontaine’s post is, it doesn’t matter when I exercise I need to do it before the next day! I also learned if I want results for weight loss in my workouts I need to be cautious about how many calories I am consuming. I am struggling with the calorie count. Calorie count is not something I would like to do all the time. But, will save that struggle for another time! Thank you all for reading!

Analyzing Fontaine’s Nutrition Blog

Welcome to week three of part of my blog analyzation. This week I will be analyzing Freida P. Fontaine’s blog called, “Let’s Discuss Nutrition.” A little bit about Fontaine, she is a credited nutritionist by the commission on Dietic Registration (CDR) as a Nutrition and Dietic Technician Registered (NDTR). Fontaine doesn’t only have the education of nutrition, but also experience putting what she knows into practice. Her background experience with educating people about nutrition contains working as a Dietary Director for Skilled Nursing Facilities and also worked privately as a Nutrition Counselor. Now Fontaine uses her blog to inform her audience, about nutrition along with her views.

When you get to Fontaine’s main blog page the first thing, you see us a beautiful variety of colorful vegetables. Looking at the picture, it makes me want to go to the kitchen and get some carrots. Under her introduction, she gives you two options to bring you back to her main page, and she gives you the other opportunity called, ‘about’ to learn who she is. Since I have discussed who Fontaine is, we will keep scrolling down.
Now, on the superficial layer of Fontaine’s bright green background in a long white box is where has her blog posts. Something that stood out to me is on the side of her posts she has the dates they were posted. On some blogs, it was hard to see when the post was published. I like how her blog posts are organized; with a date next to them and in a vertical column.

The more you scroll down, the more posts you can see. One of Fontaine’s post is she shares a post from someone else’s blog about food safety. I want to share someone else’s post sometime. We are all teachers to each other and learn something new every day if we choose to be open-minded at least. Learning from each other is what helps make the world go round.

I want to take a look at a couple of Fontaine’s blog posts. Starting with, “Eat These Foods to Prevent the Flu.” I figured since flu season is here, those that follow my blog could use these resources than spread the word! This post starts with a brief introduction with a few sentences, then Fontaine goes straight to the point, listing the foods that will help prevent the flu. The foods she mentions is; mushrooms, garlic, onions, shallots, and chives, kiwi, pumpkins, yogurt, and water. The foods Fontaine lists are in a natural read structure along with pictures in each food description.

The last post I picked from Fontaine’s blog is called, “Nutrition, Culture and Curiosity.” This post doesn’t have pictures other than the one that is in the heading of Fontaine’s blog. That picture is her heading, and it follows you, wherever you may go on her blog. This post is more of a diary; unlike the other one, I shared about foods that are good to prevent flu. In, “Nutrition, Culture and Curiosity,” Fontaine discusses her experience donating her time in a free clinic. She had the opportunity to put together a lesson plan for four weeks. Fontaine enjoyed her class very much and shared the diversity in her class some being Hispanics.

Fontaine shares an observation about the Hispanic diet, “Hispanic people eat a diet heavy in fat.” I can only assume how much of a change in education Fontaine’s nutrition class could have been for the Hispanics. As I continue reading Fontaine’s experience teaching she does share how a lot of the Hispanics had a hard time using the new information in the food consumption. Fontaine eases their struggle by saying, “[a]s a nutritionist, it is not my job to have someone give-up a diet they’ve been accustomed to eating since childhood. But it is my job to educate them on the ill effects of a high-fat diet. They understood my point and appreciated what I had to say.” (Fontaine) In my opinion that is what makes a great educator. She was willing to observe their culture and still have the patience to teach them the facts that give you the option to take the advice or leave it.

So, there you have it a mini-tour of Fontaine’s blog and a little bit about who she is. I hope you guys take the time to look at her posts! She has lots of nutrition educated posts!

Week Two Reflection

Well folks, this is the end of my second week to my new healthy lifestyle! As most of you know it was also Thanksgiving on Thursday. This year I had three Thanksgivings. I very much so indulged in each of them. You would think after my first couple Thanksgivings I would learn my lesson and not over eat. That was not the case. But what I did do differently this year is I didn’t waste my calories on foods I was already familiar with the taste and I chose not to add it to my plate. I also made sure I had a serving of vegetables with each plate. Excluding dessert, of course. Aside from these three days I would say my eating has improved as I am putting what I learned into practice. I really do believe my note taking from other fitness and health blogs is quite beneficial. No, I am not using every piece of information they provide, but I am using what I think would fit my lifestyle. I am still in the process of using Chi’s Action Plan. It’s a great organizer, I just need to do it now and hang it up somewhere I will see it.

This week I took notes from Wharton’s blog post called, “Dominations the name of the game. Conquer bad eating habits when stressed.” It was very informative if you ask me. The biggest thing I got from it was making connections with my stress and my digestive system. Wharton explains, “There is a strong correlation between stress and the digestive system” When I am sick or others are sick, my first thought is, “oh no boost your immune system!” Now when I become stressed I can think, “oh no you are affecting your digestive system!” I say this because I love the human body and the way it works. After learning how the digestive system is affected by stress I tend to be more aware of what’s going on with me.

The next blog I took notes was from Tyler-Rae’s post, 5 Steps to Creating ‘Healthy’ Habits.

In Rae’s post I really like the advice she gives about to live and don’t become obsessed. I feel like those who start the Keto lifestyle become obsessed with it and aren’t living. I know I will eat desserts every now and then my whole life won’t be revolving around only eating fruits and vegetables. I know it wouldn’t last long and I would be back to my old eating habits that got me here in the first place!

I tried to have a food diary this week by using pictures instead of writing things down. It went fine for a day. I didn’t continue it after that. I don’t that it fits into my lifestyle. I did learn when I was taking pictures of what I ate I never got a second helping. Possibly due to the feeling of guilt that I would need to get a picture of my second helping. Instead of getting a second helping I remembered my goal was to be eating a serving of vegetables with every meal. So instead I got a serving of vegetables. The next thing you know I was full and I didn’t need that second helping!

Next week I start my notes to incorporate exercising! Stay tuned everyone!

“Dominations the name of the game. Conquer bad eating habits when stressed.” “5 Steps to Creating ‘Healthy’ Habits” Notes

I am taking notes on two blogs today and combining them in one post. Starting with Samantha Wharton’s blog post, “Domination’s the name of the game. Conquer bad eating habits when stressed.” In this post, Wharton discusses how stress can impact your food intake. Wharton explains, “There is a strong correlation between stress and the digestive system.” I think this statement makes sense because of the way we treat our organ systems in the body including others affect our everyday lifestyle. For example, if you are around lots of people that are sick the chances of you getting sick is high, due to the fact a germ might be passed through to you affecting the immune system. So what do you do? You do what you can to help strengthen your immune system likewise with the digestive system. You try to figure out what is causing the digestive system to slow down or speed up.

I am a stress eater, and I do notice some changes in my digestive system, not enough to pay attention, due to the fact it doesn’t happen all the time after reading Wharton’s simile between stress and the digestive it makes sense how those two work side by side. So, I was curious what is the reasoning behind my stress eating. Wharton answers my question by saying, “The milder anxiety of less extreme stress may cause you to eat in excess for distraction, comfort, or to release your tension.” I relate well with eating more for distraction and comfort. I am a proscrastinator, and if I feel to overwhelmed with my homework, I eat to distract myself. When I feel down in the dumps or lonely, I tend to seek more desserts to make me feel better, the comfort foods. Now that I am more aware of my stress eating what can I do?
Below I will share a few bullet points on tips from Wharton that I feel I can apply to my coping skills to avoid the stress eating.

  • Make sure you keep healthy snacking alternative within reaching distance so that you opt for them instead of chocolate or chips
  • Ensure you follow the recommended daily food guidelines to keep healthy

Moving into the next blog, I am using to take notes from, “5 Steps to Creating ‘Healthy’ Habits by Tyler-Rae. With the information in Rae’s post, I will be doing a Topic and the Main Idea layout as a different way to compose notes.

  • Main Idea: “Everyone has a baseline of knowledge, use it as a starting point to make small positive changes in your life. Remember, baby steps. By making specific and attainable goals, you will be able to ensure that you achieve them.”
    T: Start with what you know Tyler-Rae Advice
  • MI: “it’s best to think about the life that you want to live, and use it as a starting point to build a plan.”
    T: Define what ‘wellness’ means to you and your family Tyler-Rae tip
  • MI: “Don’t let knowledge you have go away. Knowingly giving your bodies food with little nourishment is worse than ignorantly consuming it.”
    T: Apply it Tyler-Rae advice
  • MI: Continue to learn and refine your definition of ‘wellness.’ Be open minded to learning to applying what you learn to your life.”
    T: Continuous Learning Tyler-Rae advice
  • MI: “Don’t become obsessed, but make educated decisions that you believe is best for you and your family. Take realistic baby steps every day and don’t forget to enjoy life.”
    T: Live Tyler-Rae Advice