Why Blog?

Main Ideas

“As I discuss have blogging is one good way to develop as a writer”

Topic: Alex Reid statement about blogging

“A blog is an excellent opportunity for exploring and developing intrinsic motivations for writing”

Topic: Alex Reid opinion about blogging

“On a blog, however, you control the subject matter, the length, the format, the timing of your posts and all other characteristics of your writing”

Topic: Alex Reid facts

“Course writing assignments requirements you might find disagreeable subject matter, length format, due date, etc, making it difficult to establish intrinsic motivation in those contexts”

Topic: Alex Reid opinion

“Through blogging, you can discover such motivations not only for writing on your blog but for writing in general, and once you have some internal motivation for writing you will find it easier to translate motivation into your academic writing, later into writing as a professional”

Topic: Alex Reid’s opinion

“Experience of blogging will have helped you to uncover something that really matters to you”

Topic: Alex Reid’s opinion on outcome from blogging

“Reading other bloggers with similar interests can help you in understanding the kinds of choices you might make and will also aid you to find an audience for your work”

Topic: Alex Reid’s suggestion

“As a blogger, you have no deadlines, not required to write about anything in particular format or length”

Topic: Alex Reid’s blogging facts

“Classroom writing assignments are short-lived”

Topic: Alex Reid statement

“Blogging gives you the opportunity to write many internal, short posts or long posts at a time”

Topic: Fact about blogging

“Your blog could serve as a reservoir of ideas and links for writing assignments especially if you choose to blog about your academic interests”

Topic: Alex Reid’s statement

“Blogging is easy”

Topic: Alex Reid’s opinion

“Blogging is free”

Topic: Blogging fact

Key Terms

Intrinsic: Belonging to a thing by its very nature

Ex: Hair is intrinsic to the human body.

Vast: of great area or extent; immense

Ex: Animal parks have a beautiful vast for pets to run.

Autonomy: independence or freedom, as of the will or one’s actions

Ex: I am grateful for the autonomy in the United States.

Serendipity: an aptitude to making desirable discoveries by accident

It’s amazing how some things in the world is done by serendipity from people.

Exigency: a case or situation that demands prompt action or remedy; emergency

A mother’s instinct is to take exigency if their child has fallen out of a tree head first.





2 thoughts on “Why Blog?”

  1. Martha – your blog looks great! The colors, fonts and images you’ve chosen so far really reflect the Martha I’m getting to know. Very bright and cheery! I love the way you’ve organized these notes. They seem extremely useful for when you need to use them for reflection posts. Nice work!


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