Why Blog?


Alex Reid’s opinions to “Why Blog,” are vast! When I think of blogging, nothing comes to mind. The one thing I think of when I hear blogging is, someone writing something on the internet. Nothing more or nothing less comes to mind. Alex Reid shares, “defining blogs is difficult.” So what Alex does he uses reverse psychology and asks, “What is your blog?” I think that is creative. Creativity he may have developed practicing his writing through blogging himself. I like how Alex Reid compares writing essays in school and how students creativity and hard work can be short-lived. Unlike when you build your blog your work can be long-lived and viewed by other bloggers. Reading this article I have learned many benefits from blogging; from short term to long term how blogging can help you. It is true some career fields require you to have a great deal of knowledge, formal and experience writing. The beautiful thing about blogging, you can be as unique as you wish, along with learning self-discoveries.

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