Why Blog?


Alex Reid, the author of, “Why Blog” gave sharp vital points about why blogging would be beneficial to people. Especially for those who have a hard time writing. After reading the article, I had a better perspective on what blogging is and why people use it. I was foreign to blogging until I read this article. I heard about blogging one other time.

My best friend shared with me that she started a blog. I didn’t get into much detail about it because I was unsure myself precisely what a blog was. I am not sure why I didn’t ask her. It’s one of those moments I regret now. I tried looking for her blog now that I have more of an understanding of blogging, but I couldn’t find her blog. I would ask her more about it if I had the chance, but unfortunately, she isn’t around anymore.

Before learning about blogs in my English class, my only understanding was blogging is something that people write. Now, that I am in school, I am becoming exposed to new things and ideas. My English instructor is trying something new this year that she did when she was in school, which is, blogging. I can see why she is interested in blogging!

When it comes to blogging it is very different from writing essay papers as Alex Reid shares. My instructor from one of my English classes is all about creativity. When we are required to post on our blog, we can add pictures, and it is going on a website that each student designed personally. Our blogs are exposed to the public instead of just one person. I think that’s pretty neat.

There was an article we once read in class explaining how technology is expanding, for the better, sometimes for the worse. Doing writing assignments online like this, for example, blogging I would say is a positive outcome for technology. We write a little bit about anything we want when we want. The internet and other blogs we read connects us to our interests.

Alex Reid mentioned in the article; it takes lots of time and practice to be great at something. Around 10,000 hours of dedication to be exact. As we continue to blog we could practice how to be great writers, look at other bloggers and bounce ideas off each other.

Another little thing while making a blog, it teaches you patience. Going through creating a blog once you are focused it is fun to see the outcome of the time you are putting into making your blog. The word my English instructor used was we had to “Bootstrap” our way through creating our blogs

I do understand not everyone likes to write or sit in front of a computer and just type. I do hope they at least do a self-discovery for something they might be passionate about while creating posts without even realizing it. Another thing to thank the internet as it is advancing to bring people and things they are passionate about together. I think after completing my English class, I will keep my blog up.

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