My Reflection to “Seeing Ourselves Through Technology”

Those of you who have Facebook, do you ever come across posts, people’s status’ or even, meme’s about keeping your personal life off facebook? I’ll tell you this, I certainly have! Honestly, I also agreed to those type of posts and started doing it myself, keeping my personal life off facebook. But that was undereducated me. After reading Chapter 1 from, “Seeing Ourselves Through Technology,” my whole perspective changed! Chapter 1 shares three different ways of self-representation. It explains the history of each one, how technology has changed them, and some reasons why people even started it. The three ways people represent themselves to the public is; Written, Quantitative, and Visual. The two I am going to touch at is visual and written. They both correlate to my first my first question.

It wasn’t until the late eighteenth century; the personal diary had become common. Some humans now use social media like Facebook as a personal diary, for written self-representation. I am the type of person to read comments on some posts. I have noticed people can be mean online, especially for people who share their personal stories on Facebook. It is sad if you ask me for my opinion for negative comments like that. Who are we to control what other’s post? We don’t know what their life was like growing up or if they ever had that privilege to open up about personal problems. Maybe they are looking for support not attention, but they aren’t comfortable seeking someone out personally, due to the feeling of being a bother. Not everyone can open in person. Therefore we have no right to tell them not to post personal stories on the internet.

Visual representation. I understand there are many ways someone can go on this topic. According to (Aleksandra. “Gender and Social Media.” Social Media Psychology, 25 Oct. 2016, performed on female and males social media users) “female users generally prefer common visual platforms. Men on the contrary like more text-orientated ones” Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram have a larger female user base while online discussion forums such as Redditt or Digg count more males users.” From what I noticed on my Facebook account it is rare to see any of my male friends post selfies as often it is to see females post selfies. Under the last headline in, “Seeing Ourselves Through Technology,” it talks about, “Selfie Hatred” I think the sounds of that is cacophony. I believe if you want to leave your mark behind in the world by posting lots of selfies, go right ahead! It will give people more pictures to remember you by. People can also be cruel in this area as well. I think it could be how overused visual representations are, and we don’t think about the privileges we now had compared from Parmigianino’s time when he did his self-portrait from a wooden ball, so not even precisely paper. Today we still remember him by that painting with oils.

In the end, we all have our way of representing ourselves to the public and someone will remember us in those ways. People can judge those ways, but that shouldn’t change how we share ourselves. No matter what Facebook says or society. Our technology is expanding. Therefore, we are fortunate to share a piece of us with such inventions.

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