Into the Blogosphere Notes


Into the Blogosphere article by Graham Lampa is an informative article talking about the world of Blogosphere, which is a blogging community. The section starts with explaining the different kinds of blogs people can produce. One is a blog mainly for educating the audience with information researched on particular topics by the blogger with links attached. While another blog could be a personal diary connecting to audiences that are friends and family or people who may be dealing with the same problem and looking for support. The article gets a little more in-depth with other audiences whom you may attract based on what your interests are. Statistics are also given on what has happened to blogs over time. 1.09 million have become, “one-day wonders,” abandoned blogs average a lifespan of four months, 1.4 million active blogs have been surveyed, and 80.8% had at least one external links, but only 9.9% contained a current link to new sources. A comparison that was done in the article between a newspaper and blog, they both attract some audience and could be in the same way. Along with how blogging impacts the world due to people sharing what they witnessed for example, in the terrorists attack from New York and Washington. The, however, couldn’t. On the blogosphere, nothing is censored. The Blogosphere article also explains how conversations start with the way they share links and the ability to comment on each others post.

Making Connects

A newspaper picks their audience, by whoever picks up a paper. Blogs choose their audience based on whoever sits down and takes the time to read a blog. Not everyone enjoys reading! Nowadays people don’t wholly read over articles they just skim through them. People tend to only read topics about things that interest or benefit them. Like the weather section or politic section in the newspaper. And in blogging, it could be a weight loss posts or inspirational posts, whatever catches the readers eyes. Newspaper lines are what attracts an audience while in blogs it’s the way the blog posts start. Like I have discussed in the past about technology expanding we can either give a self-representation written or visually through blogs, unlike in the history where such technical devises or sites didn’t exist yet, so people worked with what they had thus being only paper and pen or Kodak cameras to leave their marketing behind in the world.

Main Ideas

“At the core of blogosphere lies a minority of active and engaged bloggers who post, comment, and link frequently, creating a kernel conversation community based on personal networks facilitated by blogging tools and associated technologies.”

Topic: Talks a little bit about the blogosphere environment

“Blogging community does not exist, that the biosphere is not a cohesive group of people who share common goals and values.”

Topic: Explaining blogosphere

There’s two type of blogging: personal diary and informative posts based on facts and research

Topic: Kinds of blogging posts

Blogging is like a newspaper, attracts different kinds of audiences

Topic: Blogging comparison

Anyone can blog that has internet access

Topic: Blogosphere audiences

Key Terms

One Day Wonders: Blogs that were only posted to just once, and have not been touched since

Ethereal: Light, airy, tenuous

Example: The flower in her hair was ethereal enough to fall out of her hair.

Conundrum: Anything that puzzles

Example: Sudoku is a type of conundrum that involves numbers.

Primordial: constituting a beginning; giving origin to something derived or developed; original; elementary

Example: Cocoa trees in South America was chocolates primordial.

Dissemination: Spreading widely

Example: In the blogosphere, public posts are meant to dissemination on the web.

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