Into the Blogosphere Reflection

I am not sure who I feel more sympathy towards, the abandon blogs that humans created or the abandoned ideas that didn’t make it far into the blogosphere, due to the human body not using their voluntary muscle movement with their phalanges on a mobile device or keypad. Just think, at one point in time someone has sat in a seat with extraordinary ideas and never continued to follow through with what their mind was thinking and possibly dying to share! Perseus Development Company conducted a survey based on blogs that are still active and those who were abandoned. Here is what they came up with: Two-thirds of public weblogs have not been updated in two months, 1.09 million of these have only been posted to just once, the remainder of abandoned blogs average a lifespan of only four months! Those poor abandoned blogs didn’t even make it a year. So much can happen to a person in a year or new ideas could have been developed within a year! On the bright side, a blog isn’t like a newspaper where people throw it away and kill a tree!

Into The Blogosphere my all-time favorite comparison they did was a newspaper to a blog. That was genius! It gave me a clearer perspective on what the blogosphere was like. If you are like me, I learn better with familiar examples. Just like a newspaper, it has a variety of topics and people choose what they want to read. A blog is the same way, but it may have a little bit more topics to choose from. They both pick their audience. A newspaper headline that sounds interesting or may benefit someone will catch a readers eyes, an example being politics or the horoscope section. For blogging, it may be people s weight loss and fitness blogs or a blog based on someone’s common interest. In the end, not everyone picks up a newspaper and reads the whole thing, not everyone is going to sit down and read everyone’s blog.

Out of all the articles we have gone through in my English class I would have to say  Graham Lampa did an extraordinary job explaining the different kinds of blogs, what happens to blogs after a while, and what kind of audience you can attract. Like I mentioned at the beginning of my blogs posts under, Why Blog Reflection, I was foreign to blogging! Yes, Alex Reid did an excellent job as well explaining what a blog is and why to use it. I really do think they should get together and write a book about blogging.

Not to insult newspapers, but in the end, no matter how many people abandon their blogs they are long-lived, meaning they will always be on the internet, unlike newspapers that are short-lived and tend to not stick around for an eternity. Although, there are people who keep every single newspaper. (I have not met any) The blogosphere will always keep a special place for abandoned blogs. The one-day wonder blogs may have a post that benefited someone in some way, so I guess I don’t need to feel too sympathetic towards the forgotten blogs!

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