Analyzing Phoebe, MD: Poetry & Medicine blog

I am analyzing Phoebe Chi’s blog. The title of her blog is Phoebe MD: Poetry & Medicine. Under her blog title, she has, “Health Inspiration Life.” Chi is a woman who writes poetry, loves animals and is a doctor. Chi’s blog is very creative. When you click one at a time on each of the four square pictures on top of her page, it brings you to one of her poems she wrote. The headings of each square is labeled, “Departure,” “Healer,” “Deliverance,” “When the Heart Stops.” The poems are based on the titles of each square. For example, the square labeled, “When the Heart Stops,” is a poem about cardiac arrest in a physicians point of view. I am probably interested in her poems about medicine just as much as her other writing. Due to the fact of my interest in practicing medicine.
On the left side of Phoebe’s blog, she has a column of sketched pictures she drew. Labeled as Art of Medicine. When you click on the sketched pictures, it brings you to her gallery on Phoebe incorporates posts on Health and Wellness as well. Those posts seem to be directed more towards anyone that is trying to better themselves or learn about your health. Her posts are well organized, and they contain pictures. Some of the images display what she is trying to explain, and other photos bring an attention getter. Some of her posts are educational and are involved with exercises or what to do. They aren’t like the blogs post’s I construct where it is all jumbled together without paragraph formation. Her posts are like reading an article from a magazine, or her poems are like a poem you would read from a professional. Chi has her widgets. The Mystery Button brings you to different poems Chi wrote everytime you click on it. Under the Mystery Button is, “ASK A DOC.” That widget allows you to ask Chi a question and she provides you with ideas in return. But of course, it doesn’t replace you from seeing your primary care provider. Chi has also written a book called, “Being Empowered…for helping people with chronic problems.” As a massage therapist that works with people with chronic pain, I feel like I need to invest in this book.
Being on Chi’s blog makes me want to sit here and read every post she has. Her blog has many exciting features and subjects. In a way, I feel like I have a little more understanding what it is like to be a physician. I do understand everybody’s experience is different. The way Chi’s poem posts are conducted like an actual poem with style along with a picture is unique. Then the way she separates her poetry posts with her educational ones is very organized. She takes advantage of the widgets we are given in, and it adds more flair to her blog. I feel like I don’t want to leave her page. I can see why she has 16,282 followers!

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