Losing Weight and Keeping it OFF by Laina Larisse (Notes)

Today’s note taking will be from Laina Larisse’s blog. The post I will be using is called, Losing Weight and Keeping it OFF.” Larisse starts her post with a personal story about how her weight gain happened, which came from being stressed. Larisse states, “my mind believed that my body was stressed with school, and an unhealthy marriage that’s why the weight was just piling on.” I can see how that can happen. This past couple of months I noticed I was getting bigger and I mentioned it to my boyfriend. He brought it to my attention, that when I am stressed, I eat. Ever since he said I was a stress eater, I tried to be more aware of my actions. For example, when I did eat, I asked myself, “What am I eating,” and “Why am I eating this right now?” Then after my self-observation, I realized I am a stress eater! Reading more into Larisse’s story, she shares that she has hyperthyroidism. Mayo Clinic explains what hyperthyroidism is, “hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) occurs when your thyroid glands produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. Hyperthyroidism can accelerate your body’s metabolism, causing unintentional weight loss and a rapid irregular heartbeat.” But Larisse had a rare case where the complete opposite happened to her where she gained weight. Paying attention to your body and what it is trying to tell you is part of staying healthy and making the right changes.
Along with mentally listening to what your mind is saying when changing a new lifestyle, an example, Larisse gives is, “[t]he first thing you must change is your mindset, and immediately eliminate the word diet. No, the word diet wasn’t spelled wrong, but you can’t see the word die, deprivation, and torture littered throughout the word. You are changing your lifestyle, so this is essential because you won’t use words that make you feel like your depriving yourself. The Bible speaks of the power the tongue, so chose your words wisely.” Looking at the word, “diet,” I wasn’t aware of when you break it up it has the word, “die.” It reminds me of cases where people have there own, “diet,” causing them to only be hurting themselves, and creating eating disorders. For example, a movie I watched a while ago, “To the Bone,” a Netflix film about a girl, “Ellen, a 20-year-old with anorexia nervosa, goes on a harrowing, sometimes funny journey of self-discovery at a group home run by an unusual doctor.” The word diet overall is a harsh word that can be pushed to a negative impact on oneself causing one even to be hospitalized. I look at my journey as a new lifestyle. The last phrase Larisse uses is the simile with the bible and the mind. The tongue and mind both work together. Therefore be mindful on what you say when overcoming obstacles through changes. At the end of Larisse blog post, she lists tips on losing weight and keeping it off. I will be laying out these fabulous tips she provides in the Main Idea and Topic formation. These tips will very much help in my new change!

Main Idea and Topic

Main Idea: “Plan what you will eat, wear, and how you will exercise. This includes vacations, holidays, and weekends. If you are going to a restaurant look at the menu ahead of time.”
Topic: Larisse’s advice to plan

Main Idea: Set goals and add on to them along with slowly cutting things out.
Topic: Summary of Larisse’s Make Small Changes

Main Idea: Make meals ahead of time. Invest in meal prep containers.
Topic: Summary of Larisse’s advice for Meal Prep

Main Idea: “Don’t quit, even if you ate horrible for days and missed the gym. Start over.”
Topic: Larisse’s advice for Begin Again

Main idea: “This includes forgiving yourself and only know what you need to do face and deal with”
Topic: Larisse’s advice to Heal Mentally

Main Idea: “I repeat don’t do further damage, so even if you ate that bag of chips don’t say “Oh Well” and go have a whole pizza.”
Topic: Larisse’s advice for Thou will do further damage

Main Idea: “You have to live just a little. You can help with portion control by keeping food in the freezer. However if you struggle with will power then eat your serving and throw away the rest in the trash or give it away immediately. Also you can create a healthier version of your favorite foods.”
Topic: Larisse’s advice for Don’t deprive yourself

Main Idea: “Write your goals down, so you can track your progress and adjust accordingly.”
Topic: Larisse’s advice for Write it Down

Main Idea: “Drink plenty of water, spice it up with melon, cucumbers, and lemon if you can’t stand the taste. Also begin weeing yourself off the soda the artificial sweetener aren’t good for you.
Topic: Larisse’s advice to Hydrate

Main Idea: “This is a big one don’t set yourself up for failure by saying 60 pounds, so start by saying 3 or 5 lbs. Set mini goals once you reach them reward yourself.”
Topic: Larisse’s advice Set goals and reward

Main Idea: “You will hit a weight wall, and your weight loss will stall. This happens so don’t get discouraged too much. You will have to switch up your diet and training to trick your body out of plateau.”
Topic: Larisse’s advice for Plateau, Oh No!

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