Notes on Phoebe’s Blog

In Chi’s blog, “Phoebe, MD: Poetry & Medicine,” one of her amazing educational posts called, “Action Planning for Health,” she talks about creating a goal and having a plan to go with it. Phoebe states “When it comes to your health (or any aspect of your life), Action Planning is one of the useful tools for success. Once you get into the habit of making Action Plans, you will discover that almost everything you want to accomplish is within your reach no matter how daunting they may seem.” After reading that statement, I felt like my life became a thousand times easier. It seems like you are distracted by the bigger pictures you pay less attention to the smaller parts that create, the bigger picture. The action plan Chi gives is laid out this way:

The 5 Building Blocks of an Action Plan
1-Exactly what you want to do.
2-How much will you do.
3-When will you do it
4-How often will you do it
5-Your confidence level (1=not confident at all; 10=absolutely sure)

hi goes through and dissects each question to be sure you specify your action plan instead of keeping it broad. I want to analyze a couple of things about this. First of all, look at number 5. Chi talks about confidence levels. Out of all fitness stories or success stories I have never heard about a “Confidence level” being apart of the plan. Before continuing my reading, I asked myself, “Why is there a confidence level?” and “What does that mean?” I continued to read, and I found the answer. Phoebe explains, “the confidence level- is the most important component of the Action Plan, because it forces one to actually gauge the goals practicality. Is it too easy? Is it too lofty? If you ask yourself to “rate” the task everytime you will be able to better set the personal goals that are perfect for you.” And there my question has been answered. I feel even more eager to start my Action Plan! Now that I think of it I did a similar activity of using a confidence level in my Critical Writing class. My instructor had us write a confidence number from one to ten, ten being the most confident on how well we feel about our grammar. We wrote our number on top of the page. When we finished our worksheet and had it corrected our numbers fluctuated, it either went up or down for some of us. I can see how the confidence scale is important now. One last part I would like to take a closer look is how Chi words her action plan, “The Five Building Blocks of an Action Plan.” If you look closely, she says, “will.” She doesn’t say, “can,” “might,” “maybe,” “possibly,” or any other uncertain no confident words.
Specifically, she says, “will.”
The way we talk to ourselves is essential. When we speak to ourselves with doubt or uncertainty, we may lack confidence in accomplishing goals or having the willingness too. Word choice is a crucial aspect to achieving my weight loss goals along with Action Planning of course!

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