End of Week One Reflection Post

Good evening everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the first snow fall! (For those of you who live in the areas that snow)

This was the beginning week of my new healthy lifestyle. I would say it went pretty well for the most part. I enjoyed the self-education I pursued this week. On Tuesday from Phoebe Chi’s post, “Action Planning for Health,” I learned the importance of having a plan is to be successful. I go through my days blindly and I know I have important things that need to be done. Whether it is to budget my money, go grocery shopping,  pay my bills, clean my apartment, make phone calls, and even prioritize what homework needs to be done sooner than the other ones. I guess you could say I am very unorganized. With being unorganized it makes life harder than it should be leading into me becoming more stressed and the next thing you know I am stress eating. I start to consume unhealthy foods. I look for foods that I feel will make me feel better and to the fulfill frustration  I have with myself.

Ever since I learned about Chi’s idea about an Action Plan I feel more motivated. In a sense I feel relieved. Like there is structure out there for people like me, the unorganized. I plan to use her action plan for my fitness and lifestyle goals. I am a person that likes to hang up positive affirmations on my mirrors to look at every day. I think it helps me, especially on my bad days. Now I can print off copies of Chi’s Action Plan and hang them up on my walls where I will see them to give me reminders what I need to do for the week. I have attached a link to my PDF below using Chi’s Action Planning inserting what I am going to do this week for my healthy eating. (I am new to editing PDF’s, therefore it is a rookie preview, but if you would like to see Chi’s version I have posted that one under mine)



Another blog I took notes was from Laina Larisse’s post, “Losing Weight and Keeping it OFF.” A connection I found from both of leave blogs is the importance of the way you talk to yourself. It is hard to encourage yourself if you have a negative mentality, or if you are putting yourself down. I love Larisse’s tips about how to keep the weight off. Escpecially, the one that goes, “Don’t quit, even if you ate horrible for days and missed the gym. Start over!” (Larrise) No bodies perfect. Everyone has a bump on the road. Like my English instructor says, “Life happens.” I love desserts. I have a strong sweet tooth. Therefore, I sometimes will have two pieces of Banana Cream Pie. But I won’t let the guilt stop me from my whole journey. I feel like I have learned a lot from these two bloggers. I am excited to see what these next four weeks will be like!


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