Analyzing “The Art of Being Fabulous” blog

Many people create their blogs for many reasons. This weeks blog I am analyzing is called, The Art of Being Fabulous.” This blog was started by Samantha Wharton. Wharton shares the reason of starting her blog, “to show her niece that there was more to life than just being like celebrities, and to forge her own path when she grew up. She could be her version of fabulous in whatever form that took.” (Wharton) Her reasoning for starting the blog goes along really well with the title! There is something about the word, “fabulous,” that brings such a positive, and enthusiastic vibe. In the blogging world, I feel like the title is the attention getter.

So far I have noticed a lot of blogs have only one person on them, being the creator. The Art of Being Fabulous contains more than one person. There is the starter being Samantha Wharton, the contributor, Alde Santorini, and the mascot is Scooby Doo! Santorini enjoys traveling and joined Wharton’s blog in November 2017. Scooby Doo plays a positive part in Wharton’s life by bringing her joy and good luck. A dog is not always a mans best friend! Just like art, there is more than one thing that can compose it likewise with, The Art of Being Fabulous blog. There is more than one person that composes it, making it even more creative. I have learned blogs can contain a mascot, and there is nothing wrong with that!

We have seen the purpose of Wharton creating the blog. The outcome and what others can get from, The Art of Being Fabulous, is it, “offers tips for people to create, grow and maintain a positive self-image and to meet their health, wellness, and personal goals.” (Wharton)

I stumbled onto this blog due to my desire to expand my education to live a healthier lifestyle. I am very much so using the health tips offered by one of the posts published by, “The Art of Being Fabulous.” The post I am learning from is called, “Dominations the name of the game. Conquer bad eating habits when stressed.” This post was created by Samantha Wharton. In this post-Wharton divides it into four different parts. Not everyone overeats when they stressed. Therefore Wharton first discussed not eating when you are stressed, then she talks about eating when you are stressed, subsequently talking about what you can do to overcome these behaviors and ends her post of relaxation techniques. When she provides tips she uses simple listing techniques, I enjoy blogs that use simple listing when providing tips. It makes it a lot easier to read and easy to remember by keeping it simple.

The pictures Wharton uses in her posts are fun. The heading picture is a cat indulging in lots of meat without being mindful what they are consuming which happens to me when I stress eating. The Art of Being Fabulous blog is simple to go through. Next, to the heading, some categories contain Fitness, Nutrition, Recipes, self, Stress, Travel, About, and Contact. Whatever you would like to be informed about or enjoy reading you can find it easily over each category. The post’s I have come across contain pictures. If the pictures didn’t come from Wharton, she does an excellent job citing where she got them from or what the picture holds.

Before leaving, The Art of Being Fabulous I took a look under the travel section. Before clicking on it, I was assuming it would be about trips she has received. As soon as the page loaded and brought up the travel page, it was completely different from my assumption. Wharton provides excellent advice and tips for when you go and travel, especially if you are doing it alone. These tips are something I would bookmark!

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