“Dominations the name of the game. Conquer bad eating habits when stressed.” “5 Steps to Creating ‘Healthy’ Habits” Notes

I am taking notes on two blogs today and combining them in one post. Starting with Samantha Wharton’s blog post, “Domination’s the name of the game. Conquer bad eating habits when stressed.” In this post, Wharton discusses how stress can impact your food intake. Wharton explains, “There is a strong correlation between stress and the digestive system.” I think this statement makes sense because of the way we treat our organ systems in the body including others affect our everyday lifestyle. For example, if you are around lots of people that are sick the chances of you getting sick is high, due to the fact a germ might be passed through to you affecting the immune system. So what do you do? You do what you can to help strengthen your immune system likewise with the digestive system. You try to figure out what is causing the digestive system to slow down or speed up.

I am a stress eater, and I do notice some changes in my digestive system, not enough to pay attention, due to the fact it doesn’t happen all the time after reading Wharton’s simile between stress and the digestive it makes sense how those two work side by side. So, I was curious what is the reasoning behind my stress eating. Wharton answers my question by saying, “The milder anxiety of less extreme stress may cause you to eat in excess for distraction, comfort, or to release your tension.” I relate well with eating more for distraction and comfort. I am a proscrastinator, and if I feel to overwhelmed with my homework, I eat to distract myself. When I feel down in the dumps or lonely, I tend to seek more desserts to make me feel better, the comfort foods. Now that I am more aware of my stress eating what can I do?
Below I will share a few bullet points on tips from Wharton that I feel I can apply to my coping skills to avoid the stress eating.

  • Make sure you keep healthy snacking alternative within reaching distance so that you opt for them instead of chocolate or chips
  • Ensure you follow the recommended daily food guidelines to keep healthy

Moving into the next blog, I am using to take notes from, “5 Steps to Creating ‘Healthy’ Habits by Tyler-Rae. With the information in Rae’s post, I will be doing a Topic and the Main Idea layout as a different way to compose notes.

  • Main Idea: “Everyone has a baseline of knowledge, use it as a starting point to make small positive changes in your life. Remember, baby steps. By making specific and attainable goals, you will be able to ensure that you achieve them.”
    T: Start with what you know Tyler-Rae Advice
  • MI: “it’s best to think about the life that you want to live, and use it as a starting point to build a plan.”
    T: Define what ‘wellness’ means to you and your family Tyler-Rae tip
  • MI: “Don’t let knowledge you have go away. Knowingly giving your bodies food with little nourishment is worse than ignorantly consuming it.”
    T: Apply it Tyler-Rae advice
  • MI: Continue to learn and refine your definition of ‘wellness.’ Be open minded to learning to applying what you learn to your life.”
    T: Continuous Learning Tyler-Rae advice
  • MI: “Don’t become obsessed, but make educated decisions that you believe is best for you and your family. Take realistic baby steps every day and don’t forget to enjoy life.”
    T: Live Tyler-Rae Advice

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