Week Two Reflection

Well folks, this is the end of my second week to my new healthy lifestyle! As most of you know it was also Thanksgiving on Thursday. This year I had three Thanksgivings. I very much so indulged in each of them. You would think after my first couple Thanksgivings I would learn my lesson and not over eat. That was not the case. But what I did do differently this year is I didn’t waste my calories on foods I was already familiar with the taste and I chose not to add it to my plate. I also made sure I had a serving of vegetables with each plate. Excluding dessert, of course. Aside from these three days I would say my eating has improved as I am putting what I learned into practice. I really do believe my note taking from other fitness and health blogs is quite beneficial. No, I am not using every piece of information they provide, but I am using what I think would fit my lifestyle. I am still in the process of using Chi’s Action Plan. It’s a great organizer, I just need to do it now and hang it up somewhere I will see it.

This week I took notes from Wharton’s blog post called, “Dominations the name of the game. Conquer bad eating habits when stressed.” It was very informative if you ask me. The biggest thing I got from it was making connections with my stress and my digestive system. Wharton explains, “There is a strong correlation between stress and the digestive system” When I am sick or others are sick, my first thought is, “oh no boost your immune system!” Now when I become stressed I can think, “oh no you are affecting your digestive system!” I say this because I love the human body and the way it works. After learning how the digestive system is affected by stress I tend to be more aware of what’s going on with me.

The next blog I took notes was from Tyler-Rae’s post, 5 Steps to Creating ‘Healthy’ Habits.

In Rae’s post I really like the advice she gives about to live and don’t become obsessed. I feel like those who start the Keto lifestyle become obsessed with it and aren’t living. I know I will eat desserts every now and then my whole life won’t be revolving around only eating fruits and vegetables. I know it wouldn’t last long and I would be back to my old eating habits that got me here in the first place!

I tried to have a food diary this week by using pictures instead of writing things down. It went fine for a day. I didn’t continue it after that. I don’t that it fits into my lifestyle. I did learn when I was taking pictures of what I ate I never got a second helping. Possibly due to the feeling of guilt that I would need to get a picture of my second helping. Instead of getting a second helping I remembered my goal was to be eating a serving of vegetables with every meal. So instead I got a serving of vegetables. The next thing you know I was full and I didn’t need that second helping!

Next week I start my notes to incorporate exercising! Stay tuned everyone!

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