Analyzing Fontaine’s Nutrition Blog

Welcome to week three of part of my blog analyzation. This week I will be analyzing Freida P. Fontaine’s blog called, “Let’s Discuss Nutrition.” A little bit about Fontaine, she is a credited nutritionist by the commission on Dietic Registration (CDR) as a Nutrition and Dietic Technician Registered (NDTR). Fontaine doesn’t only have the education of nutrition, but also experience putting what she knows into practice. Her background experience with educating people about nutrition contains working as a Dietary Director for Skilled Nursing Facilities and also worked privately as a Nutrition Counselor. Now Fontaine uses her blog to inform her audience, about nutrition along with her views.

When you get to Fontaine’s main blog page the first thing, you see us a beautiful variety of colorful vegetables. Looking at the picture, it makes me want to go to the kitchen and get some carrots. Under her introduction, she gives you two options to bring you back to her main page, and she gives you the other opportunity called, ‘about’ to learn who she is. Since I have discussed who Fontaine is, we will keep scrolling down.
Now, on the superficial layer of Fontaine’s bright green background in a long white box is where has her blog posts. Something that stood out to me is on the side of her posts she has the dates they were posted. On some blogs, it was hard to see when the post was published. I like how her blog posts are organized; with a date next to them and in a vertical column.

The more you scroll down, the more posts you can see. One of Fontaine’s post is she shares a post from someone else’s blog about food safety. I want to share someone else’s post sometime. We are all teachers to each other and learn something new every day if we choose to be open-minded at least. Learning from each other is what helps make the world go round.

I want to take a look at a couple of Fontaine’s blog posts. Starting with, “Eat These Foods to Prevent the Flu.” I figured since flu season is here, those that follow my blog could use these resources than spread the word! This post starts with a brief introduction with a few sentences, then Fontaine goes straight to the point, listing the foods that will help prevent the flu. The foods she mentions is; mushrooms, garlic, onions, shallots, and chives, kiwi, pumpkins, yogurt, and water. The foods Fontaine lists are in a natural read structure along with pictures in each food description.

The last post I picked from Fontaine’s blog is called, “Nutrition, Culture and Curiosity.” This post doesn’t have pictures other than the one that is in the heading of Fontaine’s blog. That picture is her heading, and it follows you, wherever you may go on her blog. This post is more of a diary; unlike the other one, I shared about foods that are good to prevent flu. In, “Nutrition, Culture and Curiosity,” Fontaine discusses her experience donating her time in a free clinic. She had the opportunity to put together a lesson plan for four weeks. Fontaine enjoyed her class very much and shared the diversity in her class some being Hispanics.

Fontaine shares an observation about the Hispanic diet, “Hispanic people eat a diet heavy in fat.” I can only assume how much of a change in education Fontaine’s nutrition class could have been for the Hispanics. As I continue reading Fontaine’s experience teaching she does share how a lot of the Hispanics had a hard time using the new information in the food consumption. Fontaine eases their struggle by saying, “[a]s a nutritionist, it is not my job to have someone give-up a diet they’ve been accustomed to eating since childhood. But it is my job to educate them on the ill effects of a high-fat diet. They understood my point and appreciated what I had to say.” (Fontaine) In my opinion that is what makes a great educator. She was willing to observe their culture and still have the patience to teach them the facts that give you the option to take the advice or leave it.

So, there you have it a mini-tour of Fontaine’s blog and a little bit about who she is. I hope you guys take the time to look at her posts! She has lots of nutrition educated posts!

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