Week three Reflection Weight Loss Journey

For those of you that are keeping up with my blog, I hope you guys are learning just as much as I am! This week’s blog posts have been more focused on exercise. Like I have mentioned I would love to incorporate exercises into my new healthy lifestyle. For those of you that don’t know, I am a massage therapist. My practice has a lot to do with strength and proper body mechanics to help prevent burnout. I have been practicing for over two years now, and I do feel the toll that it is taking on my body. I was looking more into exercises that have cardio, due to my experience with putting too much work on my arms and shoulders, they get too tired to be able to massage.

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and I tried to be more mindful on the foods that I was grabbing. After watching a little bit of a show on Netflix called, “What the Health,” I learned a few things. I learned milk doesn’t help build strong bones that it is just a myth. I watched, “Adam Ruins Everything,” about Nutrition on Netflix as well, and he too says the same thing. Milk is another sugary drink. Therefore, I am slowly trying to decrease my milk consumption. Going back to the show, “What the Health,” they talked about meats and all the steroids that they put into the animals we consume. A lot of what we eat tends to play a HUGE part of our well-being. If people are putting chemicals into the animals, we consume, then we are also being affected by those chemicals. With that being said, I am also trying to decrease my meat consumption. No, I am not going vegetarian, I want to eat cleaner. My groceries consisted more of fruits and vegetables, minimal pasta and meat, and dairy-free yogurt. I like snacks, so I also invested in Triscuit Rosemary and Olive Oil crackers. I remember learning somewhere olive oil helps fill you up faster and longer, which is my goal.

After these last three weeks, I see my body fluctuate. One moment I look great and the next not so great. After my note-taking this week, I would like to drill into my head what nutritionist Fontaine explains, “[y]ou may lose [weight] quickly in the beginning due to loss of water weight. After the first week, weight loss should slow down to approximately 1 pound per week. This will ensure your body isn’t restoring to its lean muscle to supply its calories. Losing lean muscle due to dieting is the main reason why weight returns so quickly.” (Fontaine) So, it’s important to make sure my body is using the right sources to supply calories instead of taking it from somewhere I need it.

I notice some days I eat less than others, based on how busy I get. I try to keep it consistent to keep my metabolism going, but I think it will help if I start to meal prep. So, I don’t have to think about what will I eat today or have time for.
I feel like the organization is a key in life, especially in my new healthy lifestyle!


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