Blog Tour #1 FutureOfficerBahr

Welcome to week four on my blog! As some of you may know my blog was started as part of my English class. Therefore in my weight loss journey is other assignments incorporated into the five weeks. One of the assignments consists of me touring two of my classmate’s blogs. This post will include one of my classmate’s blog called, “FutureOfficerBahr.”

As soon as you click onto FutureOfficerBahr’s blog, it brings you to the top of her page. The head of her page has an introduction picture in black and white with a stripe of blue. The image is the flag of the United States of America. In the middle of the image, she has a small circle picture of herself, the author of the blog. Under the image is the title of her blog, “FutureOfficerBahr.” An inch under her blog title consists of what her blog will tell, which is, Educational Topics. Under the introduction picture, she gives people two options, one being the ‘Home,’ button to bring you back to her main page. The other option she gives you is to contact her. When you click on the ‘contact’ button, it brings you to another page with a new picture being someone holding a black smartphone and on the left someone on a laptop. If you choose to contact her, it will be published as a comment, using your email and your screen name. After you finished with your comment to her you can click on her, ‘Home’ button to bring you back to her blog posts. Once you continue down, FutureOfficerBahr’s page it is completely blue now with white text color. On the right side of the blog shows you who you follow on your blog, not who she follows.

The past blogs I have looked at they give you a, ‘about’ about button on top of their pages to get to know the author is behind the wonderful blog. But, FutureOfficerBahrs page it is different. To find out who is FutureOfficerBahr, you need to scroll all the way down to her second blog post, “About Me.” You do this by continuing to click, ‘older posts.’ As soon as you see a picture of a happy baby you know, you are in the right post! So let us talk about who is the girl in the picture on top of this well informative blog.

To begin, FutureOfficerBahr is Hannah. Hannah just had a birthday and is now twenty years old. She is majoring in Criminal Justice. The next post after you read her, ‘About Me‘ continues describing who Hannah is, but with more focus on her goal. Since Hannah was three years old, she has always wanted to become a police officer. She doesn’t know what inspired her to become a police officer when she was three nor what made her hold onto that dream. But, Hannah does know why she wants to become a police officer, and she explains why “I suppose I liked the idea of helping people and putting more good into the world then there was when I got here.” (FutureOfficerBahr) Hannah’s passion for becoming a police officer for eighteen years has brought us to a blog with an educational purpose to show the world a different perspective of that profession, and what police offers have to go through.

If you choose to take a look at FutureOfficerBahrs blog, I highly encourage you to read, “An Unnecessary Harshness.” That post was one of my favorites. It changes my perspective on police authority; they have feelings too.

Thank you for reading my first blog tour from my classmate’s blog! The next one will be a great one as well!

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