Blog Tour #2 Voice of the Fallen

Welcome to my second blog tour! Today my visit will be from, “Voice of the Fallen!” If you happen to be lurking through my blog and run into my blogroll, I suggest you take a look at, “Voice of the Fallen’s” blog as well! Once you click on that blog, technology will take over and magically bring you to, Voice of the Fallen.” A brand new blog page.
You know when you are on the right blog when you see an anime picture of a man and women. Before, I become too descriptive on the picture I would like to bring you further up on the blog.

Let us start with looking at the blue strip with the white text saying, “The Fallen Relationship.” On the right side of, The Fallen Relationship we see four separate little chains. If you happen to click on the first chain, it leaves you on the homepage. If you happen to click on the second chain, it brings you to another page. On the new page, you are on; you have the opportunity to contact the creator of the blog with your screen name and email address. Feel free to sit and have a moment to admire the picture of the husky being well behaved and loved. After you are finished admiring the husky you can go ahead and click on either the, ‘Home,’ button or the title, “Voice of the Fallen,” to bring you back to the homepage. After you have done that and let technology do its magic, we are back on the homepage, looking again at the chains on the upper right side of the page. If you continue to click on the chains, the process repeats itself.

Next, moving to the light pink stripe with the head of the blog and close by the title you see the ‘Home,’ button along with, ‘Contact,’ options, but it is more apparent compared to the mini-chains.

Now, we are back to the anime picture! The image could be described as a male and female who have a love for each other. The woman looks at him with emotion, and the guy looks down feeling her gaze. Nothing else matters at that moment other than what is happening between them. As the girl is looking at the man, you can see she has red and grey wings. I ask myself, does this entwine with the title of the blog? Does the name, ‘The Fallen Relationships,’ support the picture? These are questions I could ask the creator!
While these questions linger in our mind, with others you may have, we can move onto the types of posts this blogger shares!

From, my understanding, as I skim through, Voice of the Fallen‘s blog posts, I see he use this blog as a diary. The author shares personal stories along with feelings. He also makes connections from what he learns in the classroom with his own experiences or from what he has observed from his friends. It takes a brave soul to share personal feelings and experiences in the blogosphere, meaning the blogging community.

At last, we are unfortunately coming to the end of the blog tour. But, before we go, we need to know who is the artist behind, ‘Voice of the Fallen.”
In a similar way to our last blog tour from, FutureOfficerBahr‘s blog, to find out who the creator is we need to scroll all the way down to the second post ever shared, the famous, ‘About Me‘ post.

As a result, we discover the artist to, “Voice of the Fallen,” is named, Michael Reitz! Based on Reitz’ posts he has been through quite a bit and still chooses to better himself.

So, everyone, please follow his blog and show him some love! His work is worth the read.

That concludes our last blog tour! Thank you for your time!

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