About Me!


Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I am Martha, and it is a pleasure to have you here today reading/or listening to my blog! I am currently a student at a community and technical college. In my class, we are blogging as part of the college English course. That is what brings me here today, creating and starting my blog. In my blogs, readers will see a variety of topics! I feel like there is so much information in the world to the only blog about one question! Some of my blogs will be about my perspective on different articles as well as sharing information from the items that I feel stood out for me. I love learning new things, as well as new ideas and I, enjoy sharing information. If you learn something new or see another perspective in the articles, I write about reading my blogs than I will definitely be a happy blogger! I feel like its relevant to new share ideas, information and perspectives, it’s what makes the world go round!